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9 May 2017, 12:49 by Sam Taylor

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Family Adventure Holidays feature in the Guardian in April

Family Adventure at its best

Family Adventure Holidays flagship property, the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy has received a glowing endorsement in the Guardian travel section. In Ben Lerwill's article, appearing late last month, he reviews a most enjoyable week for him and his family at the Château.

After some initial reservations about the nature of an organised activity holiday, it became quickly apparent that as all activities are optional there was plenty of scope to be as active or relaxed as one would like.

"We establish a few guidelines. Firstly, it turns out everything’s optional. If we want to spend our time sitting in the sun, counting daisies, fine. Secondly, the chateau might not have the moat and portcullis the seven-year-old was hoping for but the grounds are big and bucolic, with hulking beech trees and lawns that seem to slope off interminably. There’s a lake, a forest and a fridge with beer in it. Exhale."

"I wish we always lived here!"

Before long the whole family are immersed in an exhausting but thoroughly rewarding holiday.

"One afternoon there’s an assault-course challenge in the woods, which results in everyone getting coated head to toe in mud. Joe is in heaven. He and I trudge back to the treehouse, still dripping in sludge. “Daddy,” he says, placing his filthy hand in mine, “I wish we always lived here.” He may not be given to rational ideas, but he knows a good week when he’s had one."

Like the idea of following in the footsteps of Ben and his family? Get in touch today to book your family adventure!

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