Grumpy, dis-interested teenagers? How to engage your teens on an Family Adventure Holiday

1 Jun 2017 12:43 by Sam Taylor

grumpy teenages on family holiday

Whatever Mum...

The great outdoors is for teens as well!

If your one of those parents, in fact any parent of teenage children, you'll be acutely aware of the constant battle with your beloved offspring requesting them to remove their faces from the electronic device clasped firmly in front of them.

It's no use reminiscing about the days when we played out in the street til dusk and there might be a bit of TV after dinner. There are many theories as to how best to get your teenagers to engage with more wholesome activities but at Family Adventure Holidays we think we have the solution, for a week at least!

We have 5 fantastic adventure centres across Europe and the holidays we host are all geared around fresh air, good honest fun and good food.

Forget banning their phones altogether – that’d be crazy! But our activities are all designed to get them engaged with the great outdoors. This can often be done by setting them a task, for example ‘Getting the money-shot of their family adventure’ or 'beating their personal best at Archery' whatever this may be, it will go some way to seeing them re-emerge from their digital slumber.

Fancy a wholesome Family adventure this Summer? Find out more here.

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