Friendships are the best Family Adventure Holiday souvenir

21 Aug 2021 09:33

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You'll probably choose a Family Adventure Holiday for lots of reasons - a lovely location in the French countryside, funky accommodation like tree houses and chateaus, loads to keep energetic kids busy, great value for money. But often our families tell us their best souvenir and the thing that makes them keep coming back is the new friendships they make.

People like you get on with people like you

We bump into people from all walks of life in our daily routines. Some we get on with well, others perhaps not so. Unsurprisingly choice of holiday says a great deal about the kind of person you are. Choose a particular type of holiday, chances are other families on the same holiday will have similar interests and outlooks - particularly if the kids are the same ages. Families who come on Family Adventure Holidays tend to be outgoing, interesting, and easy to get on with - just like you!

Kids are naturally uninhibited

Whilst mums and dads might take a while to relax and let their guard down, kids tend to be far more gregarious. All you need is a football or Frisbee and they're off! Whilst sometimes at home as parents we struggle to help our kids find friends and might even worry about their friendship groups at school, on holiday they seem to just hit it off in an instant. Our centres are safe, brilliantly fun places for children to just hang out together without pesky adults around. And there are heaps of organised activities for them to get their teeth into and make friends in the process. It all happens incredibly easily. Before you know it there will be new friends sticking their heads around the door of your room asking if your kids are free to play.

You're on holiday so you're at your best

After a few hours, you'll feel the worries and pressures of life back home start to lift as the gorgeous French countryside lifts your spirits. Unsurprisingly without the stresses, you're more open, more amenable to the idea of getting to know people and letting down your guard too. First encounters with new friends during a week away will obviously be a little surface at first. In some ways that's a good thing. We all tend to see the better sides of each other in this kind of environment. A week is enough time to start to get to know new friends and learn a little about them without too much of the more complex stuff!

You're sharing adventure and excitement

The business world has been using team building activities for decades to get people bonding and working better together. Lots of our activities are aimed at all of the family. The whole idea is encouraging you all to spend time having fun together. An there's nothing like working with new people to solve problems like raft building or orienteering to really get to know them quickly. Reliving shared experiences - those moments when kids overcome fear or manage to do something for the first time are some of the most treasured moments on Family Adventure Holidays. The sense of shared achievement is without parallel and you all have so much to talk about.

You can do it all over again

We're really proud of the fact that 21% of our families come back for more holidays with us in future years. Where it gets really interesting is the way those holiday friendships which start quite surface to begin with often flourish. People stay in touch long after they are home. And when it's time to think about summer holidays the next year, they often decide to come together. It's almost like a new and wonderful category of friend - the summer holiday friends. There's always heaps of catching up to do, the kids know they will have friends just waiting to have fun with them. Knowing that they will be happy and excited on holiday is a big part of being able to relax yourself too.


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