Family Adventure Holidays Château de la Baudonnière gets the thumbs up from The Green Organisation.

12 May 2017 12:48 by Sam Taylor

thumbs up from green organisation

Lots of laughs on the assault course

Family Adventure in Normandy

Christened “The Memory Factory”, as it just keeps churning out unique and special experiences, the Château certainly made a big impression on Mark Wolens and his family when they spent a week there on a Family Adventure Holiday. 

Staying in one of the luxury Yurts in the Woodland village, Mark and his sons Morgan and Sam threw themselves wholeheartedly into the spirit of things, getting involved in the action on day one. 

Lots of frolicking

Mark wryly describes the daily itinerary: 

  • Breakfast
  • Frolicking about
  • Lunch
  • A little more frolicking
  • Dinner
  • Some more frolicking, just in case
  • Medicinal alcohol
  • Collapse and repeat 

You can read all about their experiences here, and if you are thinking about an adventurous holiday for your family do get in touch today! 

Mark’s final observation is about something that didn’t happen: 

“One of the greatest things about the experience was what you didn’t see – kids on tablets and phones – they just played together like real children!”

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