Disconnect to reconnect on your family holiday

6 Mar 2022 16:29 by Lisa English


It's a constant battle isn't it? Once they reach a certain age, kids become glued to their devices. Technology helps them learn all sorts of useful stuff, but it can be horribly intrusive. Something we hear again and again from happy holidaymakers is they find the tyranny of the tablet and phone is broken. They don't have time to think about them! They're too busy enjoying being out in the outdoors and having fun together.

But tech is such a fundamental part of non-holiday lives it can be hard to let go. Here are a few reasons for the kids (and you too!) to leave the phones and tablets in the suitcase; well, most of the time.


They'll make loads of new friends

Perfect response to: "I'll miss my friends if I'm not online!"

One of the best things about a Family Adventure Holiday is there are bound to be other kids the same age as yours there too. Depending on their ages we can recommend which of our centres in France will be most appropriate. We often find that kids make friends really quickly on holiday. Indeed after the first day or so parents of older kids say they hardly see them for big chunks of the day. Many families make such good friends they stay in touch long after they are home. Some even decide to arrange to meet up again on subsequent summer holidays too.


They'll be active all day long

Perfect response to: "Everything else is boring!"

Ugh! That horrible phrase: "I'm bored!" It’s bound to get any parent's pulse racing a little. And it's often a precursor to picking up a tablet and disappearing into another online world. Well, fear not, all our holidays feature an action-packed programme of events morning, afternoon and even in the evenings too. Of course you don't have to take part all day long, but there really is absolutely no way even the most stubborn teenager can find an excuse not to do something. Our fully trained activities teams are absolutely genius at bringing the smiles and the shrieks of excitement back to bored kids!


Our programmes are tailored to all ages

Perfect response to: "There's nothing for me to do"

Many of our centres offer activities specifically for different age groups. Take our Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy. There are no less than six different age brackets for activities - from under fives right up to 13 to 16 year olds with three other groups in between. There are even French language activities too. So whether your kids are grumpy teens or energetic pre-schoolers, sporty Year Fives or curious Year Threes, there's an activity programme just made for them. Quidditch tournaments, bread making, archery, canoeing, the list is almost endless. Yes there will ALWAYS be something else to do!


Many of our activities are for ALL the family

Perfect response to: "But you're on your phone, so why can't I?"

How many times have you nagged the kids about spending too long online and then turned to answer an email on your own phone? It's so easy to do. We find our holidays are the perfect way for busy parents to spend quality time with their children. Once you've spent that first day not checking emails it becomes surprisingly easy. What makes it even easier is the pure joy of seeing your kids learn new skills. They literally grow up in front of your eyes and these times are so precious. Maybe it’s overcoming fear on the climbing wall, or finally managing to stay upright on a windsurfer. Perhaps it's the pure fun of splattering dad with mud competing in the It's a Knockout tournament. One thing is guaranteed - family time together - all together.


Sometimes the tech can add to the experience

Perfect response to: "Oh please, just for an hour or so!"

Of course we aren’t killjoys! Whilst many of our families say they put phones and tablets away and almost forget they exist, it is wonderful to be able to capture special holiday moments isn't it? And yes, chances are you'll have to get your phone out to do that these days. But rather than then succumbing to the spell of Fortnight or Minecraft or Snapchat, why not restrict tech to helping you make holiday memories? It's ridiculously easy to make videos using iMovie and creative kids can have lots of fun making their own holiday movies. So sure, maybe relent for an hour or so. But once the task is done, you know what to do, don't you?

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