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Beatrice's Diary

Diary Competition - Med Beach Club – Children

Family Adventure Holidays – Diary Competition

Category:   Med Beach Club – Children

Winner:     Beatrice Aged 8


The First Day

When I first arrived I was excited to meet all the people.  When we got there Dave took us to our caravan our number was 75 but he took us to 72 instead. We went to the BBQ and I met Alicia and we played hide and seek. When I woke up the next morning we all went down to the beach my family were doing kayaking it was very exciting I was with mummy and daddy was with Alexandra. Then we had lunch and a drink. In the afternoon mummy and daddy were doing sailing with Madge and their boat capsized far out. Whilst they were sailing I was doing windsurfing. I found it very difficult to hold the sail because it was heavy. But whilst we were doing it it was very stormy. After we went back to the caravan.

The Second Day

We drove to the white water rafting, the wet suits were very hard to get on. I was very nervous but when I got started I really enjoyed it.  Our instructor said there was a 10m drop but it was actually 2m.  There were 3 really difficult parts but they weren’t too bad. No one fell out of our boat and the boat did not tip up, we were in a boat with Adrian, Diane, Mat, and James with me my Mum and Dad. Then we had lunch and an ice-cream. Then we went to Carcassonne. Daddy was on not a very high point and his hat blew off and it took a long time to find it. When we did find it dad held on to it tightly.

The Third Day

We got in the car to go to the beach. When we got there our family were doing paddle boarding. I had to walk across the paddle boards and Lawrence shook me which made me wobble but I didn’t fall off. We also did Jenga with the paddle boards. Lawrence held my life jacket and dipped me in the hole in the middle of it and I also swam through the hole. Then we had lunch and a drink then in the afternoon I was doing sailing and mum and dad were doing wind surfing but they sat that out. I really enjoyed sailing and I would like to start having lessons at Aldenham.

The Fourth Day

On Wednesday we had a grey day and I went to the pool with Izzy, Alicia, Amy, Anna, Ben, Alex, Sam, Finlay, Gethin and Griff.  I got my hair braided it hurt a bit when the lady was doing it and they kept on falling out which was annoying. That night me Izzy, Alicia Alex and Fin did a bit of yoga moves and one of them was when Alex and fin were on the bars kneeling with their hands on the floor and Izzy was lying on top of Alex and Fin and I was lying on top of Izzy and Alicia had to run and jump to sit on top of me. We did another move which was not as difficult. In this one I held Alicia’s hands whilst she stood on my toes and Alex had his arm around my tummy, he also had his arm holding Fin’s hands while he stood on Izzy’s feet.

The Fifth Day

We got in the car to go to Collioure to go snorkelling. When I saw the boats we had to go on we asked if we were going on them and we were. My mum didn’t come because she would not enjoy the sea. When we were there we saw 2 starfish and lots of sea urchins which we held and we saw lots of fish. Then we came back we got dry and then went to a restaurant. I had mussels and chips which was very delicious and I had strawberry and vanilla. Then we went to the BBQ where we played sardines and I did a monkey app and all of them looked very funny and we did this thing where we pegged pegs onto people’s shorts.  I pegged lots of people and Sam was the easiest.

The Sixth Day

We got in the car to go canyonning. When we got there it looked very exciting my mum and dad did not do it. We had a lot of kit to put on I had the biggest helmet because of my braids. When I got to the first jump I was excited to do it but nervous but when I did it my nerves had gone and I absolutely loved it. When we got back we went to see the end of week prizes. It was really good and my mum and dad had wine and cheese. I gave my new bracelet which I got that day and she gave me a pack of hair bands. We left at 6 o’clock in the morning and we had a brilliant time.


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