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Alice's award winning diary

Diary Competition - Normandy Château – Children

Family Adventure Holidays – Diary Competition

Category:  Normandy Château  – Children

Winner:     Alice Aged 13


Dear Family Adventure Holidays,

This is my entry for the diary of my stay competition. I stayed in the Normandy Château and we had an amazing time! I am 13 and therefore I would qualify for the child category. I chose to put my diary in a booklet with drawings and ½ page of writing. I love drawing so had fun making this. My name is Alice and I live in the New Forest. Thank you for a great holiday and I hope you like my entry.

From Alice, 13.

Day 1

On the first day we arrived and met the staff. We were shown to our room (which was very nice) and explored the building. When we went down to the Château we discovered a delicious table of canapés.  Some were even gluten free! We met Lillie who introduced us to the animateurs and the other families. She took us on a tour around the site which was much bigger than I expected.  Finally we had a buffet dinner in the canteen. There was so much food on offer – I wasn’t sure what to choose! When I eventually got into bed I fell asleep straight away.

Day 2

On our second day we began to experience the range of amazing activities lined up for us. After a tasty breakfast I headed out (with a spare pair of socks) to play aeroball.  I had played this before so I knew what to expect from this crazy cross-breed of netball, trampolining and handball. Lunch was our first 3 course meal and everyone was blown away by the amount of delicious food. For our afternoon activity we did raft building. After being kitted out in wetsuits and safety gear we headed to the lake. In teams we built a sturdy raft and took to the water to battle them.

Day 3

For day three we took a trip out to Mont St Michel and the surrounding bay. In the morning we were separated into two coaches which took us for the hour and 30 minute drive to the nearest carpark. We then took the shuttle buses across the bridge and watched as the beautiful Mont St Michel grew larger on the horizon. After our group had met at the base of the island we went on a tour around the walls and walked through the main street. It was so hot. We ate our picnic lunch and began our journey back to the coach. We were dropped off by the furthest part of the bay and taken by a guide onto the mud. He guided us across quicksand and demonstrated by jumping in up to his middle.

Day 4

On the fourth day it was still very hot. We did rifle shooting and orienteering in the morning. I didn’t even hit the target with the air rifle because it was so heavy I couldn’t hold it still. In the afternoon we did canoeing. The family activity was the assault course and most people got involved – climbing, jumping and crawling through mud. It was very messy and I am glad I wore waterproofs and a swimming costume! Later on we all walked through the forest to the campfire. We sang, played games and ate marshmallows.

Day 5

In the morning of the fifth day I went on the bike trip. Although Normandy is very hilly the route was fun and we even stopped to pick blackberries. In the afternoon I did bread making and I made my dough into a plat. The family activity in the late afternoon was It’s a Knockout! This involved piggy-backs, wheel barrow racing, sack jumping, popping water balloons and oodles of shaving foam. The teams were headed by super heroes and the activity was led by Lillie as Super French. For dinner was the seafood extravaganza. There were beautiful platters of every variety of shellfish. The prawns and lobster were so tasty!

Day 6

On the sixth day my first activity was fencing which was so hot. After we had put on all the safety gear everyone was sweating! In the afternoon we did archery which was fun because the aim was to complete a challenge as opposed to hitting the highest scoring part. We even had to hit two balloons in one round. The family activity was a sports tournament. We did homeball, ultimate Frisbee, hockey and a passing game. Our team won every game we played and so we won the tournament. In the evening was the fancy dress disco. Most people dressed up: there were pirates, cowboys, princesses, school girls and super heroes. We danced, played games and I even got to try snails!

Day 7

This was our last day and in the morning we went to the market and the beach in Julloville. Although the market looked small from the outside it was actually very busy ands much bigger than I expected. The beach was beautiful and I swam in the sea despite the big waves. The trip was great and when we got back I decided to use my camera to take photos of the activities instead of doing climbing. Later we did our quiz, which our team won, and had a BBQ. In the evening the talent show took place and there were some acts from both the guests and the Château staff.  There was singing, dancing, storytelling and knife throwing!


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