What are the current rules for travelling to and from France?

14 Jan 2022 11:07 by Kate Moore

These are the current requirements for UK residents travelling to France from 14 January 2022. The rules to enter France, and to return home, are subject to change and may be further relaxed by the time of your holiday.

Are family holidays in France allowed in 2022?

Yes! From 14 January 2022, fully vaccinated travellers from the UK, and children travelling with them, can visit France for a holiday. This means you can start planning your summer adventure in France.

Rules to enter France

Whether vaccinated or not, children are able to enter France if accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent or grandparent.

Every family member aged 12 years and over will need to present a negative lateral flow or PCR test result taken within 24 hours pre-departure.

All travellers must complete this sworn statement certifying the absence of COVID-19 symptoms and of any contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

Health Pass while in France

The French government has changed the Health Pass rules which give access to public transport and most indoor hospitality venues away from our centres. A visitor's age will now determine whether they need a Pass Sanitaire or Pass Vaccinal. 

There are no restrictions on children aged below 12 years and 2 months.

Children aged from 12 years and 2 months to 15 years will need a Pass Sanitaire to access most indoor venues. The Pass Sanitaire demonstrates that the bearer has either:

  • been fully vaccinated, or
  • recently recovered from COVID, or 
  • has received a negative test within the previous 24 hours

Adults and children aged 16 years and over must have a Pass Vaccinal to visit most indoor attractions. The Pass Vaccinal is a stricter version of the Pass Sanitaire and demonstrates that the holder has either:

  • been fully vaccinated, or
  • recently recovered from COVID.  

This means that children aged 16 and over can no longer use a test to access indoor venues.

You can find more information on how to access the pass sanitaire from the French government.

Current rules for travellers returning from France

The rules have been relaxed for fully vaccinated adults returning home from abroad and the children travelling with them. From 9 January the rules for returning to England from non-red list countries are: 

  • Fully vaccinated adults must take a pre-booked lateral flow or PCR test within 2 days of their return to England. They are no longer required to quarantine while waiting for the results.
  • Children under the age of 18 years will benefit from the same rules as fully vaccinated adults above.
  • Adults who are not fully vaccinated are subject to additional tests and quarantine. See the government website for the rules for unvaccinated adults returning to England. 

Read more about the government advice on returning to England from abroad.

Can unvaccinated adults travel to France?

Unvaccinated adults cannot travel to France without an essential reason. 

Under 18s are allowed to travel to France—vaccinated or not—when travelling with a fully-vaccinated adult but additional tests are required for over 12s who aren't fully vaccinated.

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